A long line for udon

I love udon and so waiting in a line like this is not a problem

One of Nature's Pollinators

Red Dragonfly & White Flower

Shooting Stance

A photographer getting ready to take the shot.

Dragonfly by the Lake

Capturing nature's top insect predator, but on film, instead of in a jar.


A wonderful splash of color from mother nature.

Smell the Flowers

A beautiful day out in the countryside of Hokkaido with the flowers in full bloom!

Macro Bee

A bumble bee under a macro lense. So amazing!


Yuuhi with a bird

Yuuhi with snake



Is it a snail, or a flower? I will let you decide...

Yuuhi Under the Lense

Trying to get artsy

Yuhi in Action

What it is like to be part of an art show!

Tiny Worlds

Capturing images of tiny worlds

Water Drop

A water drop from a leaf.


Dragons and Valentine's day, Oh my!


Like Puff, The Magic Dragon, this one is full of love

touch the squirrel

From Yuka

Beautiful Sunset

The sunsets in Sapporo are sometimes spectacular! Especially on a cold clear day.


Title says it all.

New Friend

I adore all of the people that photography has brought me together with, here is one more new friend!

Handsome Sparrow

He has got to be the WORST pirate you have ever heard of, but he is HANDSOME!

Sparrow Rocket

Perfectly timed photo bomb from an adorable sparrow.

Snow on fire

With all the new snow falling in Sapporo I wanted to showcase the life that comes to a standstill during this time.

City Lights

What the city looks like at night for someone that can not be a pilot.

White Crane

A white crane stalking some fish in the late afternoon light of Hokkaido.

Water Droplet

Catching the action of a falling water droplet as it explodes above a fallen leaf.


A refreshing beverage after a walk around the city.


The arches of a hallway in Sapporo station.

The Hunter Becomes the Hunted

All too often the photographer doesn't get showcased enough.

Neon Flower

An art installation in the city of Sapporo during the winter months.

Festive Neon Flower

An art installation in the city of Sapporo during the winter months.

Moon and stars

The moon before a lunar eclipse as seen with the naked eye.

Ducks in the park

Ducks swim lazily in the later Autumn weather under a beautiful weeping willow tree.


A white pinecone adorning a colorful and bright Christmas tree.


Christmas tree with a golden snowflake ornament.

Life & Sweets

What is life without sweets? Not a life I want to live.

gift giving

Is it even Christmas without giving a beautifully wrapped present?

blue lights

Blue Christmas lights illuminating the streets of Sapporo.

Ruka and Grandma

There is nothing like the love between a pet and owner. Juxtaposition of age and species.

wave in orb

I love playing with perspective and this simple lighted tree seemed to creat a blue wave as seen in the orb.

X-mas lights

Christmas lights in Sapporo hit different.

Happy New Year

Bringing in the new year in style with Mr. Ruka.


Sometimes, looking at life from a different perspective can be beautiful.


The streets of Hokkaido can come alive at night

Blue Snowglobe

Viewing the beautiful light attractions around Sapporo during the holiday seasons.